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It’s always important to read the fine print when getting a car rental here. You don’t want to be stuck with surprise fees and charges. To make sure you get the best deal on your car rental, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Always check what extra insurance options are available for your rental car. Some rental companies offer additional coverage for little or no money that can come in handy if anything happens to the car during your trip. Be sure to check if you need this coverage, as some other policies may already provide coverage for rentals.

Mileage Restrictions

Most car rentals come with a limited number of miles you can drive while using the vehicle, so ask about any mileage restrictions before booking your car. If you plan on taking a longer road trip, it may be worth looking into unlimited mileage options or one-way rentals so you don’t have to worry about running out of miles or returning the vehicle back to its original location.

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Vehicle Selection

When selecting Best Car Rental, consider who is going to be riding in it and how much stuff they will need to bring along on their trip. Make sure to book a vehicle that is big enough to comfortably fit everyone and all of their cargo, otherwise you could end up with an uncomfortable ride and lots of extra luggage fees.

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