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Bulldog hash is a cannabis concentrate created by removing and processing trichomes, the resinous glands that cover the surface of cannabis plants, into a concentrated form. It’s typically brown or dark green in color, and it’s available as a brick or ball.
bulldog hash canada
Hashish is a solventless extract because trichome removal is accomplished with physical handling and temperature modifications rather than the use of solvents or chemicals. Hash comes in a variety of forms, and methods to produce it have been used for hundreds of years.

Bulldog hash vs. weed

When people talk about cannabis, weed, or marijuana, they are usually referring to buds, or flower, not hash.

Bulldog hash canada refers to the extract created from the plant’s resinous trichomes. Hash can be extracted in multiple ways; more on its different types below. Because hash is an extract, it typically has a much higher level of THC than flower.

Hash is extracted from cannabis by solvent extraction, which first transforms the THC into a liquid known as hash oil. This extract may be smoked via pipes, bongs, joints, and other devices in various ways.

Where does Bulldog hash originate?

The word “hashish” comes from the Arabic language, which roughly translates to mean “grass.” It is thought that the spread of hash started around 900 AD, although certain hashes, such as charas, which is the accumulation of resin on cannabis farmers’ hands, are said to have existed before written record. Mahjoun, a sweet treat containing hashish believed to have been created in Morocco, was probably the first cannabis edible.

Bulldog hash canada was first introduced in the Western world during Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798, when French soldiers brought home some. In the 19th century, it became popular throughout Europe as a result of doctors importing hashish for study. For years, European physicians have imported hashish for research, which has resulted in the creation of various extraction techniques that can be used to create cannabis tinctures and medicines.

Cannabis extracts were widely available in pharmacies throughout the United States and Europe by the turn of the 20th century.

With the reemergence of cannabis enthusiasm in the 1960s, hash found its way back into the limelight. Countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan, and Morocco saw an increase of hash exportation to Western countries. At the time, imported hash mainly came in the form of hard-pressed bricks made from heat and pressure.

It was only in the late 1980s that gland separation became popular in the West after a device known as the “master sifter” was invented. According to Ed Rosenthal in his book Beyond Buds, this revolutionary invention by John Gallardi utilized vibration to remove trichome glands from plant material.

During this time, Neil Schumacher and Rob Clarke began experimenting with water extraction methods, which eventually evolved into what we know today as bulldog hash canada or ice water hash. Reinhard C. Delp first demonstrated a device for extracting ice water at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997. His discoveries were later embraced by Mila Jansen, who used her pollinator isolation bags to adapt and modify his patents.

What’s the difference between hash and other cannabis concentrates?

The oldest cannabis extract known to man, hash is a kind of cannabis concentrate that has been used for thousands of years. With the advent of more sophisticated extraction techniques, most other cannabis concentrates have only been around for a few decades.

A Hash Bong is made of a water pipe or bong, which must be filled with herb. Water in the bottom chamber, above the ground joint; extract in the upper chamber. -> A Hash Bong is simply constructed of a water pipe or bong that has been filled with herb. The lower chamber contains water, while the upper chamber holds the extract. Except for rosin, most other concentrates—with the exception of kief—need sophisticated equipment that requires expert handling.

Do not attempt to make solvent cannabis extractions on your own, and always make sure to buy any concentrate from a licensed store, which requires products be tested, to know that you are getting a product without contaminants or other harmful compounds.

Bulldog hash

Bulldog hash canada is created by placing cannabis buds in ice water, which freezes trichomes. The mixture is then stirred or agitated, breaking off the trichomes, and the resulting liquid is filtered through a series of fine screen bags.

The resin is then collected and dried, and the product is bulldog hash. Its appearance and texture can range between dry and chalky, to greasy and oily.

The quality of hash is graded on a star system—six stars is the most refined and highest quality; one star the least refined and lesser quality.

High-grade ice water hash, often called “full melt” or “ice wax,” can be dabbed, while low-quality grades are commonly pressed into rosin, smoked like a traditional hash, or reserved for infusions.

Because bulldog hashmakers may use specialized washing machines to agitate plant material, making ice water hash is sometimes referred to as “washing.”

How to Smoke Bulldog hash

It is simple to learn how to smoke hash, but it has a wide range of uses. The three most common ways to activate THC are dabbing, smoking, and vaping.


For millennia, people have been smoking hashish. However, you are unrestricted in terms of how you utilize it. Hash may be burned straight in pipes and bongs. It’s also possible to smoke hash with dried flower using the same bowls or joints.

The majority of the moisture in a flower is lost when it’s smoked, whereas hash loses less than half of its moisture. You do, however, enjoy smoking hash. It burns cleanly and leaves a flavor that is rich enough to take you to the sky!


Hashish may be vaped in a number of ways to provide both practical and pleasurable effects. Hashish can be smoked alone or blended with buds on the move or at home, either as a single herb or a combination. Hashish is compatible with desktop and portable dry herb vaporizers, making them extremely useful.

The most frequent way to ingest hashish is by smoking it. Cannabis smoking does not require the use of fire and offers a wonderful flavor.


The newest approach to get high is known as dabbing. While concentrates like shatter and wax are most commonly associated with dabbing, you may also smoke hashish.

When dabbing hash, use a low setting so that it does not melt or burn. Because using a considerably hotter heating device than you normally use to dab other marijuana concentrates might result in being burned, take great care not to utilize one.

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