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Lemonade Packwoods Medellin

The SuperCritical series is a Sativa-focused family of strains and products developed for those seeking for an uplifting and euphoric sensation. At every stage from cultivation to distribution, the company and its comprehensive vertical integration and seed-to-sale business allow for complete quality control.

Lemonade is a Seattle-based edible cannabis company that was founded in 2015 by Berner and Brett Wilson, known as Growing Passion. Lemonade is best recognized for its exclusive partnerships with prominent figures such as Rick Ross, Michael Corleone, and Run The Jewels. Lemonade, like Cookies, has developed a devout cult following while staying true to its brand promise; meanwhile, an expert menu of taste-driven goods provides the ultimate Sativa high.

West Coast Cure’s Medellin Cured Joint is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Wedding Cake and the legendary ChemDog strain. This robust and heavy-hitting smoke has an earthy sweetness on the inhale with a solid Chem D finish of pure GAS.

What is the name of the strain of lemonade? Lemonade, also known as Simply Lemonade or The Original Lemonade, is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain developed by crossing Lemon OG and Gorilla Haze.

The strain known as Medellin Lemonade is a recent cannabis variety that’s gaining popularity on the west coast of the United States and across the world. Customers in other countries, for example, are eager to try; thus, they request it from nations such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Canada. Collabo is a strain of Lemonade & Cookies with SF crossing and genetics kept secret to avoid counterfeiting and fake claims.

Honey Dew Drops Strain

The odor of the nerodiol is responsible for these earthy and coffee notes. The flavor, on the other hand, is distinct from this aroma due to nerodiol and terpinolene. Terpinolene also has a plum undertone that smokers enjoy.

The Honey Dew Drops Strain starts with a tingling sensation in the back of the head. A pleasant mood and a desire to grin at little things follow, along with an urge to be social. Gamblers prefer this cannabis strain because it makes them anxious but not distracts them while they do what has to be done, even at their best. Many people consume Honeydew marijuana throughout the day since it aids in focusing; however, after an hour, a body high kicks in, relaxing customers while causing restlessness.

Honey Dew Drop Seeds Strain is a hard-to-find variety, especially due to the fact that it’s illegal in California. Unfortunately, finding Honey Dew Drop Seeds Strain seeds on the internet or at dispensaries is tough. Those who were successful in obtaining them claim that this is a photoperiod plant that is simple to cultivate indoors as well as outdoors. It takes 68 days for the blooming of the plant. For growers, bloom can start as early as day 68.

If cultivated indoors, Honey Dew Drops cannabis plants will reach a height of around 30 to 60 inches. The maximum height of an outdoor plant is usually between 60 and 80 inches tall. Growers are pleased with their yield because indoor growth may produce up to 400 grams per square meter, whereas outdoors they may expect as much as 550 grams per plant.

The flavor of the mochi is comparable to its scent. Whether you inhale or exhale, it will taste like enjoying a fruit cocktail or another tropical dessert. This cannabis will be hard for you to put down! Sweet, tangy, and creamy flavors fill your mouth on the inhale. Earthy and lavender scents perfume your breath as you breathe out.

Mochi is a stunning purple-hued cannabis plant with glistening trichomes on the buds that changes color as it matures. It’s one of the most beautiful cannabis strains you’ll come across. When you view a mature Mochi strain, it’s easy to determine that it’s a potent variety. The resin-rich buds shatter cleanly when divided, making them great for joint rolling.

Grapefruit Durban

This uplifting sativa is the most popular variety of summer, combining the legendary effects of Durban Poison with the delicious tastes of Grapefruit. While it has a typical THC content of around 20%, some batches have been as high as 30%, making it one of the most potent strains available.

Most consumers feel good, uplifted, and energetic after using Grapefruit Durban as a sativa-dominant strain. This plant’s popularity is largely limited to the United States’ eastern region, especially in cities like Chicago and Detroit.

Gorilla OG

Growers have gotten very good at creating bespoke strains that tick all of the boxes. Gorilla OG is a great illustration of how excellent they’re becoming. Users may obtain a strong indica experience with lots of flavor by crossing Mango Kush with GG #4.

Gorilla OG is a potent sedative with a deep, soothing effect that can keep you glued to your seat after just a few puffs. This variety is readily available and may be bought at dispensaries in every state.


You’ll have no trouble finding Glueberry in almost every legal market, thanks to a recent new variety. This well-balanced hybrid is made up of Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, and Blueberry. The primary flavor profile comes from the Blueberry strain, with notes of citrus.

Glueberry’s effects can differ dramatically from person to person, and how you’ll feel on it is dependent on your own experiences. Early before the sedative-like effects took hold, some consumers reported feeling elevated and energetic. Expecting an indica experience because the strain is myrcene-dominant is a safe bet.

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