How to weed your lawn

How to weed your lawn

When it comes to weeding your lawn with, you need to know what kind of weeds you’re dealing with. The best way to identify them is to look for differences between the weeds and your lawn grass. For instance, if the leaves on the weed are serrated while your lawn has smooth leaves, then you’ve got a weed.

Start early

It’s important to start weeding early in the season because it will be easier to get rid of smaller weeds before they spread and become established on your lawn. Make sure you get rid of any weeds before they can flower and drop their seeds – otherwise, you’ll just have even more weeds next season!

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Pull by hand or use a tool

You can get rid of most small weeds by simply pulling them up by hand. For larger or tougher weeds, go for a tool like a hoe or cultivator that will make it easier for you to dig down deep and remove them from the roots. Otherwise, the weed will just grow back!

Use herbicides as a last resort

If all else fails, you may want to consider using herbicides. There are several different types of herbicides specifically designed for getting rid of various types of weeds. But, before using any chemicals on your lawn, always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and remember never to use more than is recommended!

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