Ice Wax Dabs

Ice wax dabs are a great option for those searching for a clean, effective hit. It’s made by freezing and extracting the THC from cannabis with ice and water. Then it goes through a variety of mesh screens with different sizes of microns on them. The end product is a tiny, grainy wax that resembles sand from a picture-perfect beach. Ice wax melts completely and leaves little residue when dabbed. Try our purple yeti strain.

Ice wax concentrate is one of the most potent marijuana concentrates available without the use of solvents. When making a concentrate, generally a solvent such as butane is required, however ice wax is not the case.

How to Make Ice Wax Dabs

To make high-quality ice wax, marijuana plants with a lot of trichomes are required. If you use low-grade brick weed, your ice wax will not be good in appearance or flavor, and it will not provide a strong buzz. Plant material frozen right after being manually trimmed is regarded as the ideal ice wax according to industry experts.

You’ll need a few micron-sized bubble bags of various sizes. You’ll want 5-gallon bags or bubble bowls with 70, 90, 120, and 160 microns on the finest setting. The cleaner your material will be if you use multiple screens to filter it.

Making ice wax requires a high degree of agility. The quicker you complete the process, the less flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes are lost. If you soak it for too long, the outside layers of the material with all of the fragrance and taste will be washed away.


The degree of purity in ice wax is enhanced by the length of time the material stays between bags. The less terpenes and flavenoids that are lost, the quicker the process will be completed. According to Nikka T, if the outer layers containing all of the flavor and fragrance are agitated excessively or soaked for too long, they may be washed away too quickly. A skilled hashmaker can do tasks faster than a novice one, resulting in a higher-quality end product.

What is Ice Wax Precisely?

Ice wax isn’t anything new, but it does sound interesting, doesn’t it? It’s a solvent-less extraction by using both ice and water. To extract the trichomes and THC from frozen plant material, you use both ice and water. As a result, it’s a kind of foamy hash that goes through a rigorous filtration method before ending up with about 99% THC content.


The quality of ice wax is also influenced by how long the material spends between bags. The quicker the procedure is completed, the less terpenes and flavenoids are lost. If agitation or soaking is too vigorous, Nikka T feels that all of the flavor and fragrance on the outside layers may be washed away rapidly. A hashmaker that has mastered their technique can do things more quickly, resulting in a higher-quality product in the end.

To make a full melt extract with the ice wax technique of extraction, you’ll need many various micron-sized bubble bags. 5-gallon bubble bags with 160, 120, 90 and 70-micron screens are recommended for beginners. When you’re past the 120-micron screen, the purer the material will be if you use more screens. The sweet spot between the 60 and 70-micron bags is where you’ll get trichome heads with all of the characteristics of a complete melt extract.


Drying is the last stage in ensuring the quality of an ice wax. The way the product is cured and stored will have an impact on its color and fragrance. There should be no water left in the end material. To assist pieces dry faster, chop up the hash and spread it out. Any remaining water would affect the scent and flavor of the ice wax. Mold may form if wet hash is placed inside a jar.

What is Ice Wax Precisely?

Ice wax is nothing new, but it sounds rad, doesn’t it? It’s a solvent-free extraction method that results in a concentrate. To extract the trichomes and THC from frozen plant material, you utilize both ice and water. So it’s sort of like bubbly hash that goes through a thorough filtration process and ends up with approximately 99% THC content. It has the consistency of granulated sugar rather than oil.

Ice Water Extraction Method

THC, CBD, or terpenes are extracted using butane, ethanol, or other solvents in most cases. With the ice-water extraction technique, a firmly frozen plant is washed off with low-temperature water. It’s then filtered through numerous bubble screens to produce significant THC concentration after being rinsed.

It is not Hard to Make

It’s essential to search for plant material with a high amount of trichomes in order to make high-quality ice wax. The quality of the material you’re using is crucial. It’s important to know where your supplies come from. If it’s been sprayed with pesticides, or if it was cultivated poorly, the residue will affect the final product’s quality. Frozen leaves are best for creating excellent ice wax. It is a very safe technique since no combustible solvents are involved. There is no cooking necessary, and you may use leaf or bud tissue instead of leaves or buds. It is entirely optional.

Plants that have been grown without pesticides are preferable to use, and the sooner they’re frozen after being trimmed, the better. Cannabinoids are damaged by oxygen and UV radiation and lose their healing properties.

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