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If you’re looking for a really cool remote controlled gift, you can’t go wrong with the largest RC car on the market. Not only is it a blast to drive (you have complete control with the included remote), but it also looks pretty amazing racing around.

And there’s no debating that this is one of the best remote controlled gift ideas out there—it’s big, powerful and will provide hours of entertainment. Here are some features that make this RC car stand out with

largest RC car

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High-torque motor: This dream machine has a super-strong motor that can catapult it forward at speeds up to 30 MPH!

Fully upgradable: A great feature of this RC car is that you can upgrade its performance by adding new parts and accessories. From bumpers and tires to suspension systems and speed controllers, there’s an endless amount of possibilities.

Fully customizable: You can customize your ride with custom body panels, wheels, and paint jobs—the possibilities are nearly infinite.

The sky is the limit when it comes to building an incredible RC car. With the best RC gifts available on the market today, you’ll be sure to make someone’s day extra special!

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