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Prices Explained: How Much is an Ounce of Weed

When you’re looking to purchase Windsor weed, it’s important to know your personal preferences. Different types of weed have different effects and it’s important to find a type that works best for you. You can visit any weed store in Windsor and talk to a knowledgeable bud-tender who can explain the differences between each type of weed.

When you’re looking to purchase Windsor weed

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At a cannabis store, you’ll find Sativa, Indica, hybrid strains, and concentrates such as wax, shatter, and hash. Windsor weed  Sativa strains tend to provide users with uplifting, energizing effects; while Indica strains are known for their calming effects and are usually preferred for nighttime use.

Windsor weed Hybrid strains offer a combination of the effects of both Sativa and Indica plants. Concentrates will give you an intense experience due to their high levels of THC so these are usually taken by experienced users only.

So no matter what your level of experience is or how much you’re looking spend – there’s something in the store for everyone!

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