About us

NUMO Cannabis

 NUMO Cannabis is an independent cannabis retailer, founded in Edmonton, Alberta. Since legalization, NUMO has been open in central Edmonton with the goal of supplying its neighbourhoods with their cannabis needs. NUMO hosts an array of cannabis buds, oils, seeds, accessories, and merchandise.

Driven by our desire to be a leading cannabis brand, NUMO operates on three basic principles: to provide high quality cannabis, amplify cannabis culture, and to meet the needs of our local community.


Considering NUMO is local to Alberta, we believe our community ought to play a key role in shaping and defining the future of NUMO Cannabis. We promise to continuously listen to, engage with, and implement changes based on the feedback we receive from our community.



After decades of prohibition, changing the perception of cannabis from being thought of as an illegal and dangerous substance to one that is more socially accepted as a recreational stimulant, is no easy task. Through our education and training programs, NUMO will ensure that it delivers a factual and positive image of cannabis.


We promise that the cannabis and cannabis products being sold in NUMO is of the highest standard, as required by the Canadian Government. We also deem it equally as important to have highly trained and educated cannabis sales associates, ready to help you with your cannabis needs.