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Now that you know the basics of visiting a weed store in Halifax, you’ll need to decide what kind of cannabis best fits your needs. There are three main types of Halifax weed products: dried flower, oils and capsules, and pre-rolls.

How to choose the type of weed for use

Dried Flower

Dried flower is the form of cannabis most people think about when it comes to smoking weed. Dried flower is typically rolled up in paper and smoked using a pipe or bong. When purchasing dried flower from a dispensary, keep an eye out for things like smell, texture and color as well as strain name. This will help you choose something that’s enjoyable to smoke while also getting the desired effects associated with the Halifax weed strain.

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Oils & Capsules

Cannabis-infused oils are one of the simplest ways to consume cannabis as they can be used in food or out of a dropper bottle under your tongue directly, although they are more expensive than dried flower per gram. Capsules offer an easier way to control your dosage and don’t require any other materials or prep time necessary before consuming them.


Pre-rolls are typically single servings of Halifax weed rolled up using pre-rolled cones filled with ground cannabis product ready for consumption like cigarettes or joints. Pre-rolls are great for those who don’t want to struggle with rolling their own joints or struggle with keeping them lit, as pre-rolls make it a lot simpler and mess free!

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